ExceptionLab Inc. is a company run by Graham Hill. Its focus is environmentally/socially progressive small businesses.

ExceptionLab has a number of different projects in development:

1) The Iconic NY Cup now in ceramic! http://www.wearehappytoserveyou.com

2) The definitive modern+green lifestyle filter at http://www.treehugger.com

I try to design my projects to allow me to work virtually. Current living plans are:

NYC September, 2004

Barcelona October, November, 2004.

Vancouver December 2004.

Barcelona January-June, 2005.

Bangkok June-December, 2005.

Barcelona/India January-April 2006

New York City April 2006

If curious, check out some of my friend's work, my photos, ceramic prototypes etc at http://homepage.mac.com/graham.hill

If you have any comments/questions/suggestions, please email me at graham [at] treehugger [dot] com